What is Psychotherapy

Integrative therapy unifies and “integrates” different psychotherapeutic methods and tools, so as to fit to each person and their needs. The theoretical underpinning is that no single model can address fully on its own all the dimensions of a person, emotional, social, psychological, religious, etc.

Therefore, integrative therapy is flexible and always in accordance to the personal needs and expectations, with the therapist moving among “therapeutic languages” and techniques so as to better understand the client and their experience.

It is based on the cooperation and alliance between the therapist and the client, and through this alliance it is intended to understand what lies beneath the symptoms.

Integrative psychotherapy addresses almost all kinds of personal difficulties, since the traits, the needs, the motives, and the abilities of the person are taken into consideration in order to define what is most beneficial at the specific moment.

Degrees and Certificates

  • BSc Psychology, Wolverhampton University, UK
  • MSc Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • M Ed New Forms of Education and Learning
  • Advanced Certificate in Counselling, CPCAB accredited

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